Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control (CPESC)

The public demands evidence of professional competence from persons whose activities affect the physical and economical well being of people throughout the world. Such professionals increasingly must be able to show evidence of their qualifications. Envirocert International Inc. certifies individuals based on thorough examination and review of an individual’s educational, scientific and service activities in both the public and private sector. Envirocert International Inc.. has developed standards and procedures for certifying persons qualified to practice in the fields of erosion and sediment control.

Individuals who demonstrate an established minimum level of competence through the application review process and an examination process will be certified in erosion and sediment control by Envirocert International Inc.. This certification program is based upon scholarly preparation knowledge and experience. Certified professionals listed on the registry will:

  • meet the educational and practical experience standards,
  • subscribe to the code of ethics,
  • qualify for particular identification of special abilities, and
  • pass a qualifying examination.

The CPESC program started in the United States and is administered by IECA Australasia in Australia and New Zealand. An Australasian CPESC committee has developed the program to reflect Australian and New Zealand needs. This has occurred in close consultation with the Envirocert International Inc. Executive Committee in the USA that provides oversight for the program. The committee has made sure that the version of the program available here properly represents Australian and New Zealand needs.

Initially the CPESC program offered certification only to those involved in development of urban lands. However, the CPESC Committee has developed exams to expand the program to cover other forms of development including, highways and agricultural lands.