Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control (CPESC)

The public demands evidence of professional competence from persons whose activities affect the physical and economic well being of people throughout the world. Such professionals increasingly must be able to show evidence of their qualifications. CPESC, Inc. issues certification to individuals based upon thorough examination and review of such person’s educational and scientific knowledge, training, and experience, in both the public and private sector. CPESC, Inc. develops and maintains standards and procedures for certifying persons who are qualified to practice in the fields of erosion and sediment control.

IECA is a founder of the CPESC program and offers specialized training that can assist applicants in achieving certification. Once certification has been achieved, IECA can help CPESC's keep their skills sharp and meet continuing education requirements through its annual conference and trade exposition, professional development training courses, and other useful resources.  

Contact your local Chapter to find out how you can qualify as a CPESC.

Benefits to the Registrant

  • Demonstrates proficiency in the erosion, sediment, and storm water field
  • Increases personal value, recognition, and marketability
  • Enhances your technical and professional credibility
  • Encourages greater commitment and personal career growth
  • Satisfies the qualified-person requirement in some local and state programs

Benefits to Companies

  • Provides a competitive advantage when marketing your services
  • Assures customers of competence, professionalism, and ethical behaviour
  • Distinguishes competent contractors and employee candidates
  • Motivates employees to continually improve and update knowledge and skills
  • Serves as a tool for promotion or advancement

Benefits to the Public

  • Confirms the ethical and technical competence of practitioners
  • Establishes rigorous, peer-reviewed standards for the profession
  • Defines a career-path where a degreed alternative does not exist
  • Promotes clean water and environmental stewardship