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Janine Koppel

I love erosion and sediment control cause I get paid to play with mud.

8th Feb 17 1:14 PM in IECA AUST Member Community
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Andrew Macleod

Janine, you crack me up!

8th Feb 17 7:33 PM
Janine Koppel


8th Feb 17 7:51 PM
Sandra Test Member Lanz

It is great to see the IECA Aust forum up and running.

7th Feb 17 3:30 PM in IECA AUST Member Community
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Sandra Lanz

You need to go to the Resources button at the top then open the IECA AUst Member Community Forum (last one on the list), click into the first group IECA Member Community.

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9th Feb 17 9:17 AM
Rebekah Kenna

Great work Sandra

9th Feb 17 5:14 PM
Andrew Macleod This post has been moderated.

Not a fan of this at all - it's not intuitive how to create a new topic or thread. It doesn't seem to work like a typical online forum. Or am I expecting too much - is this simply an online scribbling board where all messages go into one big noticeboard for a group? Rather than groups, maybe it'd be better for us to have topics or threads which can be created by any member? That way everything stays grouped by topic?

24th Oct 16 8:13 PM
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This post has been deleted.

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