IECA Australasia Approved Training Application

Training providers wishing to promote their erosion and sediment control training courses as IECA Australasia Approved must submit an application to IECA. 

Applications and renewals are submitted via this website.

IECA Approved Training application form.

"IECA-Approved" training is delivered by providers who are regarded as technically proficient in erosion and sediment control. Training that is "IECA Approved" should always accord with recognised best-practice techniques.

Note that "IECA Approved" status identifies training providers who are technically proficient in the field of erosion and sediment control. It does not necessarily reflect the quality of the delivery or the ability of a training provider to create interesting and informative training.

If an attendee at an IECA-Approved training workshop believes that the training provider has breached the conditions of IECA-Approved status, they should contact the IECA Australasia office. They can remain anonymous if so desired.