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Clods, Sods and Mudpies - understanding your soils - Albury, NSW

A hands on workshop.

DATE: Thursday 19th March 2020
9am - 4pm

VENUE: National Environment Centre, Thurgoona, NSW

COST: $600 (exGST) IECA Member | $700 (exGST) Non-members

PDH credits: 6

Australia has unique soils with properties that can significantly influence erosion hazard and the selection of appropriate drainage, erosion and sediment control strategies and techniques. An understanding of how to identify, manage and mitigate these properties is essential for anyone preparing plans for erosion and sediment control. This workshop will help you gain a hands-on understanding of soil properties – how to assess them, understand them and what implications they have for erosion and sediment control.

This workshop will be presented by Rob Loch and Lyndon McGrath from Landloch Pty Ltd. They have over 50 years’ experience between them in soil survey and land evaluation.

IECA (Australasia) is hosting the workshop in response to feedback from our members on the sort of training they’d be most interested in, and to help those preparing Erosion and Sediment Control Plans ensure they consider soil issues in their decision-making.


Attendees will gain experience in the hands-on identification of soil physical properties. Yes you will get your hands dirty in this workshop! Soil survey and sampling techniques will also be discussed, as will soil chemical properties such as pH, sodicity and fertility.

Attendees will have the opportunity to observe then analyse intact soil cores. You will learn to identify different soil horizons, soil texture, particle size, structure and seedbed suitability. You will also gain an understanding of how different soil characteristics should affect the choices you make regarding erosion and sediment control.

You will also learn to recognise typical soil and landscape indicators of common soil issues such as dispersion, salinity, poor structure or infertility.

The summary of topics to be covered includes:

Soil Formation, Survey and Sampling:

  • Soil formation processes
  • Survey scale, reconnaissance or detailed soil survey
  • Soil landscape mapping
  • Land capability and land suitability mapping
  • Soil observation method, such as auger, soil pits
  • Brief discussion of digital soil mapping, EM surveys

Soil physical properties:

  • Horizons (A, B, C) in the soil profile;
  • Soil texture;
  • Soil colour;
  • Soil structure (pedality/aggregation/coarse fragments);
  • Soil moisture and waterholding capacity;
  • Rootzone depth, seedbed suitability and physical fertility;
  • Reactivity (plasticity).

Soil chemical properties:

  • CEC and major cations;
  • Soil pH;
  • Soil salinity;
  • Dispersion (sodic or magnesic soils);
  • Main plant nutrients (N, P, K, S and trace nutrients).

This workshop will provide a valuable learning environment for anyone wanting to enhance their skills and experience in the erosion and sediment control field.


19th Mar 20

Venue Albury, NSW

Registrations Open 28th Jan 20 12:00 AM

Registrations Close 19th Mar 20 11:59 PM

Cost AU $ 700

Places Available 22

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