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Using Drones for Better Gully and Stream Repairs

Monday, May 23, 2022 at 3:00PM Sydney Time
Cost: $15USD IECA members | $40USD Non-members

Drones can be utilised to capture environmental data and site current conditions. This allows better project design and stakeholder engagement for better project outcomes.

This presentation will discuss the implementation of refuge gullies in SEQ, and the use of new technologies to facilitate engagement, design, and monitoring of these projects. Strategies to improve the hydraulic effect of refuge gullies for improved stream flow and real-world maintenance and management of these systems will be discussed.

Presenter: Nat Parker
Nat is an environmental engineer and has engaged with hundreds of landholders, many regional councils and various state government agencies to successfully conduct projects for improved land management. Nat has technical skills in repairing gullies and streams and has a focus on slowing water in the landscape and introducing large woody debris into waterways. Nat is also an entrepreneur, founding the small drone business, AirBorn Insight in 2015, with the goal of using drones to further environmental management.


23rd May 22

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