IECA Australasia Website Advertising


Readership and Market:

IECA's website has over 3000 page views each month. What better way to expose your company's product and services than to promote it on a site seen by thousands of industry professionals. Each visitor spends at least 2 minutes on our webpage

Description: Rotational banner advert on the IECA Australasia website.

Posted: Available on 12 month subscription beginning on the date your banner is posted.

Average page views per month: over 3,000

Location: The banner advert will appear on the front page in the central column and all subsequent pages at the bottom of the left hand menu bar.

Banner advert includes: A link to your website.

IECA Australasia members $1,500 +GST for 12 months
IECA Australasia non-members $2,000 +GST for 12 months

All images must be 270 pixels square and in JPG, GIF or PNG format

Website procedures and disclaimers:
Banner ads are displayed on a rotational basis with no weighted indices. This means that each banner being displayed on our site will be shown the same number of times (starting the moment it is set to active on the website).

IECA reserves the right to refuse the placement of any banner ad that it considers controversial, inappropriate, misleading or inaccurate at their sole discretion.

IECA will occasionally partner with cooperating organisations to exchange banner ads in the interest of increasing traffic to our site and increasing the visibility of our cause. IECA also creates banner ads to promote events, programs and products offered by the association. Both of these types of ads are entered into the rotation just like any paid advertisement with the same rules and restrictions.