2018 WINNER - Environmental Excellence Awards

2018 WINNER - Environmental Excellence Awards

19th Sep 18


The Transmission Gully Motorway Project

CPB HEB Joint Venture

Planned for and discussed for more than 70 years, the construction of the Transmission Gully Motorway is now finally underway. The project responds to the long-recognised need for an alternative route between Wellington and the rest of the North Island. Once completed, Transmission Gully Motorway will provide a route that is safer and more reliable for motorists, and better able to resist and recover from earthquakes and storms.

Built to demanding specifications, the design and build of this highly complex and challenging project is being undertaken by the CPB HEB Joint Venture, joining two significant construction companies – each with the wealth of knowledge and experience needed to deliver this iconic stretch of road.

A key component of the project is the diversion of the Horokiri and Te Puka streams. The Transmission Gully team has implemented an innovative and environmentally responsible method to manage the challenges associated with constructing a 4-lane motorway through the middle of a valley containing streams with high ecological value. Approximately 4.1km of stream needed to be temporarily diverted, while bulk earthworks are undertaken and new permanent diversions constructed to lift the streambed by up to 20m above its natural channel.