2018 - More blue, less brown and lots of green

Day 1

Keynote Address
Craig Benson
Director of the Natural Resources Services Division of the Redwood Community Action Agency and lecturer at Humboldt State University in Arcata, California. “Saving Soil, Saving Culture”

Gregor McLean and Zac Woods, Southern Skies
Adaptive Management Vol 4 - The Milldale Experience

Cathy Holden, HEB Construction Ltd
Surviving the high flow conditions of the Kopurererua Stream - Bridge construction & sediment control challenges

Asaad Kamal, GHD
Soil, water and vegetation: How to manage at railway cuttings
Paul Thomas, HEB Construction Ltd
Not another silt fence…!
Samuel Leigh, Fulton Hogan
Effectively managing environmental risk; threatened species, marine works and multi-staged erosion and sediment controls
Kirsty Dykes, IECA Australasia/Fulton Hogan
A young professional in the world of ESC
Dr Clark Fenton and Katherine Yates, University of Canterbury
Loess-derived soil slopes in Canterbury: Evaluating geotechnical properties and assessing erosion potential
Transmission Gully
IECA Awards Finalist presentation

Stephanie Kirk, Beca(City Edge Alliance.
Hamilton section of the Waikato expressway - Mangaonua Gully and Mangaharakeke/Mangaone Stream Bank Training Works

Janine Koppel, IECA Aust.
Confessions of an erosioneer - Lessons learnt on an erosion and sediment control journey
SHOT – Ants Ransley, Southern Skies
SHOT – Hayden Easton, Pattle Delamore Partners
Acid sulfate soils - identification and management

Day 2

Craig Benson (keynote)
Living Shorelines: The First Line of Defense Against Sea Level Rise
Colin Schiller, Walshs Seeds
Stabilising roadside batters in the Himalayas

Shonelle Gleeson-Willey, Moss Environmental
Considering erosion and sediment control when dealing with contamination

Simon Cathcart, HEB Construction Ltd
Preservation of unicorns - The looming shortage of staff with the necessary sediment control experience
SHOT – Jon Tomsett and Christopher Wilcox, Erosion Control Co.
Coagulation and Flocculation
SHOT – Clare Feeney, Environmental Communications Ltd
How to measure the full financial return on investment (ROI) of your environmental training.