2019 - Runoff, Reef, Regulation and reality checks

Day 1:

Towards protecting the Great Barrier Reef from land-based pollution
Dr Frederieke Kroon, Australian Institute of Marine Science
Managing Expectations and Outcomes on the Path to Successful Revegetation
Mark Woods, NSW Roads and Maritime Services, Wayne Walshe, Pacific Complete
Ocean Plastic – The Pressures and Solutions That (almost) No-One is Talking About
Brad Dalrymple, Ocean Protect
Waterways as Social Assets: Filling the Gap in Waterway Design Guidelines
Katie Fletcher, Teneale Jeffrey, Tom (M) Brown, Marnina Tozer, Arup

Tathra Wildfire: Erosion Impact Assessment and Use of the Collector App to Guide Community Response
David Thompson, NSW Soil Conservation Service

Looking Forward: Considering Climate Change and Variability in Managing the Great Barrier Reef
Lisa Walpole, Alluvium Consulting, University of Queensland, Dr Wade Hadwen, Australian Rivers Insitute, Griffith University, Tony Weber, Alluvium Consulting

ARR2016 vs ARR1987 Design Flow Estimation: Correlation with Anecdotal Evidence and Implications for Mitigation Measures
Netsanet Shiferaw, Garry Lambourne, BMT

Rain and A Muddy Footprint: Recipe for a Sleepless Night
Sarah Wilson, Lendlease, IECA

Assessing the Impact of Urban Development and On-Site Stormwater Detention on Regional Hydrology
Dr Rodney Ronalds, Prof Hong Zhang, Griffith University

Rewards, Awards, Challenges & Trade-offs: The water Quality Offsets journey
Ben Walker, Ipswich City Council

Enhancing the Ability of the Agricultural Landscape to Remove Nitrogen: Lessons Learnt
Dr Mark Bayley, Damian McCann, Australian Wetlands Consulting

Adaptive Asset Management: A Pathway to Better Stormwater Management
Ben Penhallurick, Dr Wade Hadwen, Renew Solutions Pty Ltd

Lessons Learnt from Constructing an Integrated Waterway Corridor
Daniel Niven, Martin Roushani, Ryan Llewelyn, Premise

Erosion and Dust Control - A Discussion Around Standards and Specifications
Daniel Grundy, GRT

Co-Design: The Art of Connecting Community to Creek
Adrian Crocetti,Glenn Browning, Healthy Land and Water

The Use of Ecotain (Plantago Lanceolata) to Reduce Water-Borne Pollutants in Amenity Areas
Dr Glenn Judson, Dr Alan Stewart, Pgg Wrightson Turf - Duraveg

Sustainability in Bridge Construction
Kieran Metcalfe, Amy-Lee Conroy, Hari Corliss, Lendlease

Day 2:

Collaboration to the Rescue Phase 2
John Gunn, Earth Environmental

A Review of the Effectiveness of Catchment Scale Stormwater Management Strategy in Urbanised Cities
Niloo Tara, University of Queensland

Let’s Get Mudded: A Young Professionals Guide to Working on a Construction Site.
Shonelle Gleeson-Willey, Moss Environmental Pty Ltd

Soil Amelioration: The Effective Way
Presentation Notes
Paul Clarke, Brent Krogh, Jo Austin, Paul Clarke & Associates

Implication of Urban Baseflow on Stormwater Management
Dylan Cain, Stephanie Brown, Dr Peter Breen, E2Designlab

Scientists, Innovation and The Community - An Urban Coastal Collaboration Fit for a Reef
Dr Lynne Powell, Cairns Regional Council

Stormwater treatment performance for a high flow rate biofiltration system at Western Sydney, Kingswood, NSW
Brad Dalrymple, Michael Wicks, Ocean Protect

The Goulburn Broken CMA's Innovative Water Control Room - Turning Data into Information and Knowledge
Brian Jackson, Water Technology

Erosion and Sediment Control and Urban Stormwater Capacity
Adrian Crocetti, Healthy Land and Water

Probabilistic Categorisation of Storm Temporal Patterns for Runoff Modelling
Evan O'Brien, Andrew Barker, CDM Smith

Rebuilding Soil Health Naturally Complimenting Soil Biology Providing a Long Term Self-Sustaining Outcome.
Peter Carmichael, Paul Storer, Hercules Strydom, EnviroStraw Pty Ltd

Self-Cleaning Detention Basins - Serious Savings and a Lighter Hand on the Sediment Budget
Jason Cooper, Wollongong City Council

Can Flood Models Inform Waterway Stability?
Rick Dennis, Allan & Dennis

Exploring New Tools to Communicate Live Data and Encourage Community Participation in Stormwater Management
Dr Jason Holdsworth, James Cook University, Helen Cook, Cairns Regional Council

Benefits of Early Contractor Involvement in Stormwater Project Delivery where Environmental Performance Determines the Contractor.
Simon Cathcart, Heb Construction Ltd

Combining Stormwater Treatment and Frog Conservation Objectives in a Wetland within an Industrial Catchment
Angela Ganley, Hume City Council

Getting Your Floc On
Michael Frankcombe, Emm Consulting

Flood Forecasting – Evolution Beyond the Flood Gauge
Adam Berry, Synergy Solutions, Sophia Buchanan, Innovyze