Builders Pocket Guide

We all need to help rebuild Christchurch & sustainably manage our environment for future generations.

This Builders Pocket Guide contains helpful information on:

• Best practices for your building site
• How to control and minimise your environmental impact
• How to prevent erosion and sediment runoff on site reaching gutters, drains, streams and rivers.

This guide will help you manage your environmental impact and comply with the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA), and regional and local council rules and regulations. It’s intended to provide easy, effective and realistic advice on how to adopt control methods to support good site practice so you can
manage your site and minimise (or totally remove) your impact on waterways and the wider environment.

By developing and working to your site plan, waste management plan, and an erosion & sediment control plan, you will prevent pollution to land, air and stormwater drains – which flow into our streams and rivers.