ESC sustainability and the circular economy - Webinar series

Sustainability and the Circular Economy are current buzz words in all industries. At the 2018 and 2019  IECA Aust. conferences there was discussion around the use of ESC products and what happens to them on the completion of a project. If you are in the game of ESC it can be fairly safely assumed, you have the environment at heart. So, creating enormous amounts of land fill does not sit comfortably with you. This online workshop series highlights how the ESC industry is addressing this issue.

IECA Aust members can access recordings of the webinars once logged into the website.

Session 1 - Sustainability in the ESC industry - Sarah Wilson
Session2 - An introduction to the circular economy - Shonelle Gleeson-Willey
Session 3 - Is biodegradability the future of erosion and sediment control? - Brad Stuart
Session 4 - Plant breeding and species selection for sustainability. - Guilherme Barcellos,